APFC Panel

All Types of Manufacturing Units :
Like : Solvent Plants, Oil Mills, Ginning & Pressing Factories, Chemical Industries, Food Industries, Rice Mills, Paper Mills, Fertilizer Plants, Daal Mills, Steel Industries, Cement Mills, Petrol Pumps etc.

  • Micro Controller Based Technology
  • Digital Computation of Various Parameter.
  • Adjustment to any setup of capacitor value
  • Continuous monitoring of parameters like line voltage, current, active power, reactive power and apparent power.
  • Beauty Parlors
  • Scrolling data display on a Dot Matrix LCD
  • Protection of capacitors against damage due to high voltage
  • Tends to maintain 0.99 lag to unity PF
  • Plug in terminal connections
  • No volt release features to disconnect all capacitors in the event of power failure.
  • Dynamic control of reactive power and power factor
  • Fine and coarse correction controller
  • Available in 10kVAr and above model
  • Avoids penalty and gives incentiveOptimize the capacity by reducing maximum demand kVA & avoid excess demand charges
  • Improvement in line voltage
  • Enhance life of electrical circuits
  • Avail depreciation.
  • Microprocessor based automatic controller with power display.
  • All major components are of standard makes like, Siemens, L&T, Epcos, Neptune etc.
  • Used small correction steps to maintain accurate setting.
  • Contactors (with MCBs or MCCBs as backup protection) are used to switch ON capacitors with spiral conductor design to minimize switching surges.
  • Auto / Manual facility.
  • In-built time delay for switching ON of a capacitor bank to avoid impulse signal operation.
  • All capacitor feeders have Auto / Manual mode facility with fuse / mcb protection and isolation.
  • Very low Watt losses, capacitors are used.
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